You are the expert and we help you do what you do best.

Excellence doesn’t come easy. Uncovering and facing the truth about the organization as it exists can be painful. That’s where Relationships Matter Now excels.

Relationships Matter Now walks with you. Along the way, we uncover obstacles in your way, frame tough conversations in a productive way, and light the fire of motivation in the heart of your company or organization.

Relationships—within and without your company or organization—are the key to success. The only way to succeed and celebrate is by engaging every team member in every position.


You know your business best and Denise knows how to bring your best to the forefront. Taking her experience as a corporate strategist with over 20 years of experience spanning a variety of industries, Denise has distilled her expertise working with some of the most recognized brands on the planet into a powerful system that you can leverage to bring out the best in your organization.


Augustus Hallmon, Ph.D. | He/Him
Lead Analyst

Emily Lipscomb | She/Her
Director of Operations

Brad Cameron | They/Them
Digital Strategist


Founded in August 2010, Relationships Matter Now, LLC, is a Chicagoland-based, certified MBE that specializes in strategic business consulting primarily for governmental, philanthropic and nonprofit agencies and businesses of all sizes across many industries. Relevant to this work,

Relationships Matter Now has led several government, philanthropic and nonprofit agencies on DEI strategic-framing and action-planning projects, including Three Rivers Park District in Hennepin County, Minnesota, Boulder Housing Authority (Colorado), and the American Medical Association (AMA).

RMN partnered with the Greater New Orleans Foundation for group and individual inclusive leadership strategies and communication skill building. The team identified on this project recently facilitated the capacity building and content creation for the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation’s new strategic plan, AR Equity 2025, which included group DEI training, individual leader coaching, and full communication content creation, internally and externally.

Since 2020, RMN has partnered with MMG to deliver Racial Equity and Belonging Assessments across global businesses, philanthropy, and local government agencies.


Not speaking out or taking action to end racism is complacency and violence. Everything we do is aligned with a commitment to dismantling structural and systemic biases that have limited opportunity for far too long.

Limitless Stories
We value imagination and embrace unbridled creativity. Our clients engage us because they want to discover and live out new narratives by drawing upon untapped potential both internally and in the communities they serve.

Equitable Empowerment
Every voice matters. History teaches us too many voices are silenced when one group takes up all space and prevents a representative, inclusive story from unfolding.

Inclusive Leadership
Our team leads with humility, practices deep listening, and refuses to impose our beliefs, especially because we know organizational change can only occur when organizations are ready.